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Relaxation Tips During Coronavirus

The quarantine moves on. We are still at home. Many of us are still unemployed, and a lot of us still stay separated from friends and family. The future is very uncertain, and we don’t know when this virus will stop, or when the stay at home order will be lifted. Every morning, I ask myself, what do I do now?

These are a lot of somber statements. After my interview with Azlo, I realized that I may have some good tips to anyone who is stressed out during these times. Stress never makes things easier, and it makes it harder to think clearly. So, I wanted to expand on some of the self-care topics, because I think it’s really important in a time like this. The following are a list of tips you can do to improve your life during the quarantine, and without spending any money that you might not have.


Moving my body has been one of the best stress relievers for me. I really believe that your mind is connected to your body, and vice versa. When you start to move your body, it makes you more responsive and alert. Exercise does wonders to uplift your thoughts, and also get rid of anxious energy.

Like the Azlo article stated, if you need it, buy a meal plan or exercise plan. My husband follows this buff trainer on Instagram and I bought his plan months before the quarantine started (his Instagram is @rbnfitness, but there are several others out there). I have to send front and side photos every 2 weeks and my weight, so it keeps me accountable. Also, having to spend $60 was also very accountable. I didn’t want to put my money to waste, so I really saw to it to make my goal happen, and follow the meal and workout plans to a T. Previously, I was at my wits end about losing weight (really, I had no idea what I was doing). You really have to be diligent and dedicated if you want to lose weight, but that’s a whole different topic to explore.

Anyways, try to move and exercise. Even if it’s a walk to the park, yoga, or dance. Without spending money, there are tons of exercise videos on YouTube that you can explore, and many of them are very good, lots that you don't need equipment for, and a bunch with nutrition guidance too. But if you have any questions that you can’t find online, please ask me, as fitness is quickly turning into one of my passions.

Just Do It

Have you ever gone cliff jumping? Or maybe you’ve dove off a high diving board. Then you’ll know the feeling when you stand there and think, should I really do this? You start to put one foot in front of another, but you stop inches away from the edge. But eventually, I hope that you did jump. So, what I’m saying is that you need to jump off the metaphorical cliff.

“Just do it” has been such a powerful slogan for me. I might be on the couch for hours playing Words With Friends, or stuck on TikTok. But in the back of my head, there’s a nagging thought that I need to get up and get going on my Etsy or photography posts. So, I ask myself, “Should I get off the couch? Yes, just do it!” And I impulsively get up. And then it becomes easy to get the ball rolling again.

If this doesn’t work for you, try to think about some other phrase that would. Maybe it relates to your children. Or maybe it relates to money, or your health. Everyone is different, so find something that relates to you.

Stay Off Social Media

It’s so easy right now to become barraged in a feed of quarantine and coronavirus news. If you find yourself buried in a someone’s post that you don’t even know, it’s time to put the phone down. Even friend’s posts can be overwhelming sometimes.

Go Outside

Even though we’re quarantined, we can still go outside and walk around the block, weather permitting. Getting outside to see the sun and just seeing a change of scenery is a great way to get your mind off the current state of affairs. Better yet, grab your skates or bike.

Yesterday I went to the Detroit riverfront to see the plane flyovers for the hospital workers on the front lines. After not leaving Hazel Park for a few weeks, it was really refreshing to get out, to people watch, and to see the beautiful waterfront. There are tons of trails to research too to go on a hike. Try out AllTrails, which also comes in an app.

Follow A Schedule

As a night owl, I feel it’s really important to not get lost in the late hours of the night. For me, anxiety can creep in easily when I go to bed late and wake up in the late morning. It just feels like a day has been wasted. Instead, try to stick on some sort of schedule.


It might be funny to say, but sometimes we forget to breathe. Or sometimes, we don't breathe enough, or our breathing can be very shallow, especially if you're really focusing on something, or really stressed. If I feel that I’m in some sort of stress, I always remember to breathe. Breathe for 5 seconds, and breathe out for 5 seconds. If you have an activity tracker with a breathe app, use that. Or checkout Headspace, which has a free trial that I found to help. Mindful breathing really does help to slow down your system and mind.

Finally, if you find yourself bored out of your mind, take the extra step to start a hobby, or pickup one that you’ve left off.

I hope that these tips help! Do you have a helpful tip that might help? What are you doing during the coronavirus? Comment below!

Analicia ❤️

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