How does your booking process work?

Please email me to book a session date. I require a non-refundable half deposit at the time of booking. Payments can be made through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or card. I can also take cash or check, but please keep in mind that your date is not covered until I receive your initial deposit. Deposits are used toward the cost of your session. The remaining session dues are required at the time of the photoshoot, or for weddings, at least a week before the wedding date.

What's it like to have a photoshoot with you?

I'm mostly laid back and very accepting when it comes to my personality. But, I'll also have a plan in mind of what poses to give you. Don't worry—I won't make you do anything stale or stiff. I know sometimes it can be hard to be in front of a camera, so I'll be giving you lots of encouragment along the way! During weddings, I'll direct you and give you some fun prompts to supplement your lovely day. I'll only ask for your time during your bridal party photos, bride and groom photos, and possibly one other time during the day (if I see something that inspires me). But mostly, I want you to enjoy your wedding, and to capture you when you're fully in the moment!

How can I prepare for our photoshoot?

To get the most out of your photoshoot, I strongly recommend getting professional hair and makeup. But, if you don't usually wear makeup or do your hair, it's also not a problem—no pressure. Just come how you'd like to best represent yourself :) Feel free to bring a few different outfits. Maybe clothes to layer or accessorize with. I always welcome collaboration! It's always fun when my clients bring ideas or inspiration to their photoshoots as well. But don't worry if you don't have any, I'll work with you to get that shot! Lastly, definitely show up with a positive attitude and get ready to have fun! And know that you're going to look great no matter what.

How long is your turnaround?

That depends. If it's a wedding, it will usually take me around one to two months to curate and edit your photos. Senior portraits typically take one or two weeks. Business portraits take around a week.

Do you edit all your photos?

Yup! All photos are edited with my style in mind. They are also color corrected and retouched so that you don't have any blemishes. I'll also reduce any wrinkles, while still representing you at the right age. Sorry, I won't knock off 20 years :)

How far can you travel?

I have no limits! I would be honored to travel to photograph you or your special day. By car, if the event or location is over 50 miles away from Hazel Park, I do charge a $0.50/mile fee, there and back. If you have a project or event that requires plane travel (if it's over 5 hours of driving), please let me know and I can put a special quote together for you.

What about for weddings?

It's usually the same as above, but I prefer to meet with every couple at least a month prior to their big day to get a feel for who they are and if there are any special requests. We will also go over your timeline so that we're on the same page about photography. Can't meet in person? No problem, a quick phone call will be fine.

Can I see all the photos from my session?

Yes, all the proofs will be sent to you in a link. From there, you can choose your package photos. I use the website Pixie Set for you to choose your photos.

Can I have more photos?

Absolutely! I'd love for you to have more photos. Please contact me if you'd like more. I can initally make you your own package, or you always have the option to purchase photos a la carte after the photoshoot.

We're having a small wedding, and I don't think we need two photographers. Can we just book you?

For sure! My suggested package includes two, but I work with each couple individually to come up with a package that best suits their wedding. I recommend two photographers because it's great to have two different angles, and it's useful when the bride and groom and getting ready at the same time.

Can I print my photos?

Yes, but only if I have delivered to you that image as a printed product already. At that point, the print release also gets emailed to you. It's important to my brand that my photos are printed and represented on products that align to my brand and marketing efforts.

Do you take special edit requests?

If you have any specific edit or retouching requests, I'll definitely take them into consideration!